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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Attention Titans!  TLC is closed this morning to accommodate for exams being written.  TLC will reopen this afternoon.

A message from Guidance.  Have you applied to college or university for the fall?  Are you planning on applying for OSAP?  Please go to to find an informative presentation about OSAP.  It can be found under our video library.  

There are positions available at Norfolk Conservation Area in Port Ryerse and at Haldimand Conservation Area in Nanticoke, if you are interested, please see the Jobs Board in Guidance.

Another bursary opportunity has come in for students in Grade 12 who have applied to programs related to policing, law or justice.  More information about how to apply can be found on the Scholarship Board in Guidance, as well as the school website under Student Life and Financing Your Education.

Norfolk Council, Amy Martin, is spearheading "Project Porch Light".  This initiative is designed to engage students in a mentorship program and to help students stay connected to Norfolk county.  For more information, please visit Amy Martin's social media sites on tiktok, instagram and twitter @AmyFor6 . Facebook, Amy Martin Ward 6 or Project Porch Light.

"Dream it Be it" is hosting an all-girls free event this April 10th, from 10AM to 2:30PM, that involves fun cooking tips and recipes, certificates, keynote speakers and virtual activities . This non-school affiliated event is full of fun and is an interactive way to learn more about what it means to be an empowering young woman while also receiving real life tips that assist in striving in life. Check out our website at: for more information and registration.   

Attention Grade 12s.  There are a number of scholarships coming due in April and we encourage you to apply. Come check out the scholarship board in Guidance and go on the school website under the Student Life tab - and click Financing Your Education.  You'll find more information about scholarships there.

Guidance wants to hear from this year's graduates about their plans for next year.  We are starting our WALL OF HONOUR bulletin board outside of Guidance and want to recognize our grads and where they are going.  This includes students who have accepted college or university offers, as well as those going to work or returning to HT.  Please come down to Michele's desk and sign up. We're also wanting you to check the name that is going on your diploma.  There is a list of graduates at Michele's desk and we ask that you verify the spelling and the name that you want to appear on your diploma.

Attention students interested in applying for the School Letter or Titan Award.  Applications are available under the "Student Life" tab on the school website.  Applications are due on May 21st. 

Students are required to complete the COVID self-assessment screening every day before school. Students who do not pass the COVID screening should not attend school that day. The completion of the self-assessment will be verbally confirmed by the student to their teacher at the start of each day. The screening can be found at

Parents are encouraged to visit our Board’s website ( and visit the FAQ page about important information regarding online/remote learning.