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Monday, April 15, 2019

Song of the Swammee Swans, performers of the Lorax, rehearsals will be today at lunch on the stage.  Bring your truffula fruits

ATTENTION those training for this year's track and field events!  Please check the Phys-ed board for available practice times. Also, if interested, please sign up with Mr. Backus for a pre-CWOSSA meet at Pauline Johnson school in Brantford. The meet will be on Wednesday, April 24th and the cost to sign up is $10. This will be a valuable meet to assess your abilities and to work on your competitive edge. The last day to sign up for this pre-CWOSSA meet is Thursday, April 18th (before Easter weekend). Please see either Mr. Backus or Mrs. Sullivan for details.

Great news! The culture and cuisine in southern Italy trip is now open to all students! Come and join us in Rome for a cooking class, Capua to visit grazing buffaloes and explore a working buffalo mozzarella farm, sample chocolates in Benevento as well as focaccia, taralli and olive oil in Bari. Not to mention all of the historical sites and sounds to see and explore!! Please see Chef for more information. Buon appetito!!! This trip is pending board approval.

A quick message from the cafeteria.  Come into the caf and enjoy our delicious Chicken Potato Bowl Special. Thank you and we appreciate your business.