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Inclement Weather and Transportation Cancellations

The Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board is committed to effective, regular and timely communication, especially when it comes to student safety.

Today, there was a communication breakdown to our families and we sincerely apologize for that. The ‘Transportation’ website, which routes families to the ’Cancellation and Delays’ page was not functioning. Families who used that method to access transportation information were left unable to do so.

To ensure that, in the future, our families are not left questioning whether their child’s route has been cancelled or delayed, we have created a new board and school website button that will take our families directly to the ‘Cancellation and Delays’ page, bypassing the Transportation website. The button takes the place of the former ‘Transportation button’.

In order for families to access the regular Transportation website that contains information such as how to apply for transportation, forms, contacts, etc., families can choose the ‘Transportation’ menu item found on the ‘School Info’ menu on elementary school websites and the ‘Student Life’ menu on secondary websites.

To help families understand how inclement weather decisions are made, we have produced a short video that explains items such as how spotters from across all areas of our school board report road conditions or how Student Transportation Services works with a meteorologist who provides forecast information. Please visit the Board’s website for more information about how inclement weather decisions are made and for a link to the video (

We encourage families to subscribe to the transportation notification system through the STSBHN website ( By doing this families will receive emails if their child’s route is delayed or cancelled. Local radio also broadcast that information.

Again, we are sincerely sorry that our families were not notified about transportation delays and cancellations and are doing everything possible to ensure that it does not happen again.