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Business & Computer Studies

As Catholics we believe that human beings have been chosen by God to help transform the universe. Today's rapid advances in the Canadian business environment and information technology field offers Holy Trinity students an unprecedented chance to fulfill that role. In the right hands, minds and hearts, information technology and business studies courses will help students sustain and build a cultural life.

Students are given the opportunity to learn within a combination of hands-on and theoretical courses using state of the art technology that is industry standard. This will allow students the chance to learn and develop life skills that are directly transferable to the real world.

Students can help build a culture that supports life in all of its dimensions: mind, body and spirit. Our courses reflect our concern for the dignity and worth of all human beings and provide ample opportunities to develop and to practice not only the knowledge and skills related to business and technology but also the attitudes and actions that we value as a Catholic community.

Available Courses:

Grade 9/10:

  • BTT/BBI: Introduction to Computer Applications and Business
  • ICS: Introduction to Computer Studies

Grade 11:

  • BAF: Introduction to Accounting
  • BMI: Introduction to Marketing
  • BDI: Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • ICS: Introduction to Computer Programming

Grade 12:

  • BAF: Financial Accounting
  • BOH: Business Leadership
  • BBB: International Business
  • CIA: Economics
  • ICS: Computer Programming and Computer Science

Business Department Informational Video

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