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Visual Arts

Open your mind, roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty-take art at Holy Trinity!

Contour You can learn to draw, paint, sculpt and more, find out about the world's great masterpieces and learn the language of art. Taking art equips you for much more-improve your problem solving and observation skills, learn to see things in a different way, and gain more confidence in your abilities. Your future employer wants someone who can think originally and come up with new ideas- get a head start with an art class

Each art course at HT stresses the studio disciplines of drawing, painting, sculpture, and printmaking. You will learn the theory behind the art in Art Appreciation, and will get a glimpse of the major eras of art history. Courses also include an introduction to photography and computer image manipulation.

We also offer credits in Photography, Pottery, and more, check us out!


Watercolour Pottery Self Portrait Clay Mask

Arts Department Informational Video

The Arts from BHNCDSB on Vimeo.