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The Learning Centre (TLC)

TLC (Room 252) provides many services for our students:

  • a “drop in” program provides individual help to edit assignments
  • opportunities for students to complete work missed because of extended absence and/or to provide a quiet work environment with academic support
  • students who are struggling with course content may request to come to TLC room for individual academic help
  • students who need accommodations during tests or examinations, they may write them in this room
  • 18 computers, free academic printing and staff dedicated to support students in all grades

One-Stop-Shopping for your pathway to success.  A quiet learning environment to catch up on work, write missed tests, free printing for academic work, and support for all levels and grades.

  • Open daily from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm
  • Staffed by teachers
  • One-on-one support
  • Accessible for all students
  • Computer access
  • Printing services
  • Organizational supplies
  • Study help
  • Testing accommodations


Student success teachers are guidance counsellors whose focus is every student’s success. They identify and support struggling students, provide more options for learning, and monitor student progress. They work with school staff, students, parents, and the community to ensure more students earn the credits necessary to graduate.

Student success teachers you will find in TLC throughout the day include:

Student Success Teacher Shanna Hanson
Semester 1  

Quad 1 Morning and Afternoon

Katherine Deconinck (Berta)

Quad 2 Morning

Blair Columbus

Quad 2 Afternoon

Rachel Vukelich

Semester 2  

Quad 3 Morning

Christine Deconinck-O'Neail

Quad 3 Afternoon

Rachel Vukelich

Quad 1 Morning and Afternoon

Katherine Deconinck (Berta)


Students can sign up for workshops throughout the year that will provide them with tools and strategies to achieve academic success. Workshops are offered in a lunch and learn format in The Learning Centre. Topics include:

  • Organization
  • Organization 101
  • Time management
  • OSSLT (literacy test) preparation
  • Study tools
    • Studying 101
    • Study Tools
  • Test taking strategies
  • Exam preparation
    • Exam Taking Strategies

If you have any questions you are most welcome to contact Shanna Hanson via email or phone - 519-429-3600 ex. 105.

TLC Informational Video

The Learning Centre from BHNCDSB on Vimeo.