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Hockey Academy

Students who select this program obtain a quality education through increased quality sport training as an area of choice within their educational pathway. This course is open to beginners and advanced players, and is intended for students who want to participate in hockey-specific skill-development training in order to improve their game and advance their knowledge, skill and fitness to the next level.

These student-athletes gain knowledge in a variety of areas such as setting smart goals, the importance of teamwork, sports nutrition, mental training, visualization, character building as well as a variety of life skills. Students not only learn all the necessary developmental skills to play the game of hockey, but they also focus on execution skills such as game sense, read and react, communication, and the importance of support. A by-product of this opportunity is to have healthy students who are physically active and enjoy participating in sport. The objective of the Holy Trinity Hockey Academy is to provide a formal training program within the academic setting of the school with a commitment to excellence in student achievement. Within the Hockey Academy, the students will:

  • Receive outstanding instruction in hockey skill development training from qualified classroom teachers, experienced coaches, and certified instructors.
  • Continuously improve their hockey skills and physical fitness levels through exposure to a variety of physical activities.
  • Be educated and fully aware of the importance of developing a strong character.
  • Thrive in an excellent academic environment that will enable them to achieve academic goals as well as enhancing their opportunities to pursue post secondary athletic and/or academic scholarships.
  • Receive sports science knowledge including physical fitness, sports nutrition, strength training, sport psychology and mental training by qualified teachers, certified instructors, and/or special guests who are experts in various areas of interest.  

Program Components The Hockey Academy is broken up into three parts where students will participate in on-ice skills development (at the hockey rink) and in off-ice skills development (gym and weight room) / theory and classroom instruction.  Students must have all their certified hockey equipment at the school or dropped off at the designated hockey rink for on-ice sessions.

ON ICE: Throughout the course of the program, students will be asked to participate in a number of different exercises and activities to facilitate their learning and performance. They will include skating, stick handling, passing, shooting, checking, goaltending, and situational plays.

OFF ICE: Passing, shooting, goaltending, body checking, etc. are skills with its very own demands on strength, flexibility, co-ordination and endurance.  With the right kind of -practice, all these skills can successfully be learned and enhanced through off-ice training.  In fact, without the off-ice preparation and refinement the player is hampering their development.  In short, to develop the athlete to his/her potential a combination of on-ice and off-ice training is essential.  The off ice training is so much more than just strength and fitness.  Off-ice training for hockey players is mainly skills and coordination and this will be our focus.

CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION: This aspect will allow time for students to reflect on their experiences through mental skills training such as establishing proper goals, dealing with expectations, dedication, responsibility, attitudes, confidence, learning, preparation, visualization, concentration, mental discipline, and relaxation.  There will also be class time that will focus on nutrition and its daily importance in developing a strong body and well-being.


  • approximately 50 sessions x 75 minutes = 62 hours

Classroom / Off-Ice:       

  • approximately 39 sessions x 75 minutes = 48 hours

Program Credits

  • Students receive 1 credit (110 hours) for Physical Education Grade 11.


  • All on-ice instructors participate in hockey skills training seminars conducted by Hockey Canada
  • Instructor hockey skill development training is mandated by Hockey Canada
  • All instructors are provided with a Hockey Canada Skills Academy Technical Curriculum Guide
  • Head instructor is certified in the NCCP Program.


  • Holy Trinity school phys-ed rooms for hockey equipment storage, gymnasium, fitness facilities
  • Simcoe Recreation Centre for all on ice classes (5 minutes walking distance from Holy Trinity)


This program is open to any female or male student in Grade 9 to 12. Students must have their own certified hockey equipment (full gear including mouth guard and neck guard). Students wishing to register for the program must submit an application form. Visit the Guidance department for more details.