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Locally Developed

Locally Developed Compulsory Credit Courses (LDCC)

“L” LDCC courses focus on the knowledge and skills that students need to be well prepared for success in the Grade 11 Workplace Preparation courses. Students with widely ranging levels of competency may require these courses; some of these students may be four years behind grade level with significant gaps in knowledge, concept understanding, and skills. As well, LDCC courses will support students in developing and enhancing strategies that they need to develop literacy and numeracy skills and the confidence to use these skills in their day-to-day activities.

The Locally Developed Compulsory Credit (LDCC)/ Workplace Program

This program is designed for students whose Individual Education Plan indicates the student is working up to four years behind grade level from the Ontario Curriculum in English, science and/or mathematics. In Grades 9 and 10, students in the LDCC program will take special ourses for credit in English, science history, and mathematics. They are encouraged to take a learning strategies course for credit that will assist the students to be successful in their Grades 9 and 10 program. Upon successful completion of the Grades 9 and 10 LDCC program, students will be prepared to study workplace preparation courses in Grades 11 and 12. Students in the LDCC program may work to successfully complete the required 30 credits to earn their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Students must successfully complete the Grade 10 literacy requirement to earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.
Students who experience difficulty in meeting the requirements of this program may choose to focus on meeting the requirements for the Ontario Secondary Certificate with the understanding that they may continue to work towards a diploma at a later date.

Moving from the Locally Developed Program to Applied Courses

For a select number of students who successfully complete the Grade 9 LDCC program, the secondary school may recommend that the students attempt the Grade 9 applied program in the core subjects of English, science, and mathematics. Students who successfully complete courses from the LDCC program in Grade 9 and the Grade 9 applied level in the same discipline (i.e. English, science, and/or mathematics) may receive a compulsory credit for each course. Having successfully completed Grade 9 applied courses, students may also opt to continue into Grade 10 applied courses. This will allow them to choose Grades 11 and 12 workplace preparation or college preparation courses.