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Health & Physical Education

Holy Trinity’s Physical Education program aims to support the physical, intellectual, and social-emotional development of students. When students maintain adequate levels of physical fitness and make healthy choices, the conditions and opportunities for learning increase. The new Health and Physical Education Curriculum 2015, will engage and help inspire students to pursue a lifetime of fitness-related activities and healthy decisions.


Daily lessons are planned to maximize the time students are engaged in moderate to vigorous physical activity.  This is accomplished through a wide variety of activities including Outdoor and Individual Activities, Aerobic Endurance, Muscular Fitness, and Team Sports. 
The goal of Holy Trinity’s Physical Education Department is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to value and apply physical activity and its benefits for a lifetime. Through active participation in movement and sport, students will foster an appreciation for personal fitness and other social skills vital to becoming healthy.  We aim to make our students understand and become physically literate so they can develop the skills and health literacy necessary to make informed decisions. 


Holy Trinity’s Physical Education Department offers a wide variety of courses from grades 9 to 12.  These include:

  • Grade 9 to 12 Healthy Active Living

  • Grade 9-10, and 11-12 Hockey Course

  • Grade 11 and 12 Personal Fitness

  • Grade 11 Weight Training

  • Grade 12 Introduction to Kinesiology 

Phys Ed Department Informational Video

Physical Education, Athletics and Sports from BHNCDSB on Vimeo.

Phys Ed Apparel

Our uniform supplier, McCarthy's, is also the supplier for all phys ed clothing at Holy Trinity. At this time, all orders are to be made online. Please see the McCarthy's website to place your order.