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OSSLT Information

The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test is administered to all students in the province in March of their Grade 10 school year. Successful completion of the test is a graduation requirement. The test is composed of reading selections with multiple-choice and open-response items, writing prompts with multiple choice writing items. The test is administered in two 75 min blocks. All students now have access to additional time assistive technology including a screen reader, zooming, highlighting, underlining and annotating tools.

The table below summarizes the characteristics of students who do and do not meet provincial standard for literacy on the test.

Below Provincial Standard

At or Above Provincial Standard

The student’s work is characterized by:  The student’s work is characterized by:


In ideas and sparse supporting details; in understanding and use of forms (e.g., personal essay, graphs and charts); and in vocabulary use


Big ideas, details selected to support generalizations; broad vocabulary; connects purposes, audience, and form


The small set of ideas selected from texts or chosen for writing are used repeatedly; narrow range of skill sets for choice of vocabulary and sentence structure; syntax is often drawn from oral language


Range of literacy and fluency skills; navigates and adopts different types of expression; produces own ideas; syntax is that of written language where appropriate; flexibility of expression


Focus on specifics of tasks; straight-forward purposes in reading or writing; heavy reliance on personal experience for evidence


Uses symbols and visualization in understanding and expression; transfers skills and prior knowledge to new situations

For more information, or access to the OSSLT Practice Test, consider going to the EQAO website. Holy Trinity will communicate with families to ensure they are aware of the testing window, and opportunities provided to students to ensure they feel confident approaching the test.