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Computer Technology

Exploring Computer Technology, Grade 9            Code:  TEJ 1O1       

Prerequisite:  NONE This exploratory course introduces students to concepts and skills in computer technology, which encompasses computer systems, networking, interfacing, and programming, as well as electronics and robotics. Students will program in ALICE 3.0 and interface with LEGO™ Robotics. 


Computer Technology, Grade 10                Code:  TEJ 2O1        Recommended:  TEJ 1O1

This course introduces students to computer systems, networking, and interfacing, as well as electronics and robotics. Students will assemble, repair, and configure computers with various types of operating systems and application software.

•    This is a hands-on course where students make cables, format hard drives and fix networking problems.  Computers are taken apart and then rebuilt;

•    Learn about the hardware of a computer;

•    Identify the function and interaction of basic computer components and peripherals;

•    Students will complete IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software and may obtain their A+ Certification.


Computer Technology, Grade 11                     Code:  TEJ 3M1        Recommended:  TEJ 2O1

This course examines computer systems and control of external devices. Students will assemble computers and small networks by installing and configuring appropriate hardware and software. Students will develop knowledge and skills in electronics, robotics, programming, and networks, and will build systems that use computer programs and interfaces to control and/or respond to external devices.

•    This course builds on the knowledge introduced and developed in TEJ 2O1;

•    Describe the relationship among computer hardware, networks, and operating systems;

•    Construct systems that use computer programs to interact with hardware components;

•    Properly install and configure key computer hardware and software components;

•    Students have the opportunity to obtain CICSCO – CCNA Discovery Certification.


Computer Technology, Grade 12                    Code:  TEJ 4M1           Prerequisite:  TEJ 3M1

This course extends students’ understanding of computer systems and computer interfacing with external devices. Students will assemble computer systems by installing and configuring appropriate hardware and software, and will learn more about fundamental concepts of electronics, robotics, programming, and networks. Students will examine related environmental and societal issues, and will explore postsecondary pathways leading to careers in computer technology.


Computer Technology Informational Video

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