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Transportation Technology


This course requires students to build projects and to learn service procedures related to different modes of transportation. Students will learn about support systems for transporting people and products; measurement systems and methods; the analysis, design and construction of a system to convert and make practical use of energy; the function of major vehicle system components; the impact of transportation systems on the environment; communication skills; and transportation-related careers. Prerequisite: NONE.


TTJ3C1 TRANSPORTATION TECHNOLOGY GRADE 11, COLLEGE PREPARATION This course examines the infrastructure required for the operation of land, air, and/or marine vehicles. Students will design, construct, and modify vehicles, and apply safe work practices and procedures using current technology. They will also develop effective communication and teamwork skills when developing solutions to managing vehicle support systems; investigate the educational requirements for career opportunities in the transportation sector; and analyse the impact of transportation technology on society and the environment. Prerequisite: NONE.

TTJ3E1 TRANSPORTATION TECHNOLOGY GRADE 11, WORKPLACE PREPARATION This course examines the various types of land, air, and/or marine vehicles and vehicle systems found within the transportation sector. Students will acquire identification, troubleshooting, repairing, and testing skills that meet industry standards and government regulations. In addition to developing employability and technical skills, they will explore the broad range of career opportunities within this sector, and will examine the impact of the transportation sector on people, society, and the environment. Prerequisite: NONE. Recommended preparations: TTJ2O1.

TTJ4C1 TRANSPORTATION TECHNOLOGY GRADE 12, COLLEGE PREPARATION This course examines alternative modes of mass transit to enable students to develop the specialized knowledge and skills required to work with sophisticated land, air, and/or marine vehicles and transportation systems. Students will solve problems related to vehicles and transportation systems; examine transportation-related issues such as energy conversion, power transfer, control systems, and environmental and societal impact; and investigate the educational requirements of career opportunities in the transportation sector. Prerequisite: TTJ3C1.

TTJ4E1 TRANSPORTATION TECHNOLOGY GRADE 12, WORKPLACE PREPARATION This course examines the commonalities of land, air, and marine vehicles and transportation systems. Students will develop safe workplace habits and business management skills and will use diagnostic, hand, and power tools effectively to service and repair vehicles to meet industry standards and safety inspections. They will also research the entry requirements for apprenticeship training programs and develop the employability and technical skill required for entry into the workplace. Prerequisite: TTJ3E1.


Transportation Technology Informational Video

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