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Parents are encouraged to be an active partner in the education of their son/daughter. There are a number of ways that parents can support their son/daughter in their education at Holy Trinity.

  • Be aware of school activities by subscribing to the school website, reading the daily announcements on the school website or viewing them on the school youtube channel and following the school on twitter @trinitytitan . Many of the daily school events, activities and good news stories are often posted online to provide accurate, timely information to parents, students and the greater school community.
  • Visit D2L course sites to view course materials, class activities, course schedules and supporting resources. This online resource provides additional support to students when they are studying from home. Some teachers require students to submit a digital copy of their completed assignment into a virtual dropbox on the site. Students are encouraged to share their login information with their parents to allow them to view the information found on the course website.
  • Attend Parent/Teacher nights. These nights are held each semester for parents to discuss the progress of their son/daughter with the classroom teacher. Students are strongly encouraged to be a part of this meeting to best support good communication and to be part of developing a plan to improve.
  • Keep regular communication throughout the semester with the classroom teachers. This regular communication with the teachers is strongly encouraged to allow the parents to stay informed of student progress. Teachers normally outline the best method of communication in their course information sheets at the beginning of each semester or on their D2L site. If you are unsure of the teacher's preferred method of communication, please contact the school at (519) 429-3600 or see the Staff List page for teacher email addresses to begin the communication process.
  • Get involved in School Council. This is an excellent way to contribute to improve the school that your son/daughter attends. Please see the School Council page for more information about this committee.
  • Be active in your local Parish. Attending your local Catholic Church helps to make connections for the student between their education, family and their faith. Based upon the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations, schools, parents and parish leaders must collaboratively cultivate a desire for learning in our students. We must enable them to develop communication skills, problem solving skills and critical thinking skills that will encourage them to be life-long learners.
  • Living our faith. At BHNCDSB, we are a dedicated, faith-filled, Catholic education community who see, listen, reflect, learn, and act together! We will continue to support the faith formation of staff and students by emphasizing the importance of building an interior prayer life, using Scripture to deepen our understanding of rebuilding, restoring, renewing as found in the Gospel narratives, and reaching out to our neighbours in need. Resources and training dedicated to improving our ability to be Catechists and strengthening home, school and parish relationships will be a focus.