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Notice to parents and guardians - Incident on June 15, 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Last week there was a senior prank that took place during the lunch hour. Misinformation about the event is circulating on social media so I want to provide you with accurate details of the incident.

At lunchtime on Thursday, June 15, a group of approximately 30 Holy Trinity students, wearing school uniforms and hand-decorated masks entered the cafeteria carrying multi-coloured water squirt pistols and buckets of water. They proceeded to squirt water at students eating lunch and then left the building.

The incident was captured by school video surveillance and reviewed by administrators who are disappointed by the lack of common sense and insight of the students involved. Administrators were not able to identify every student who participated in the event. Thus far, our investigation has resulted in the decision that there was no criminal intent; however, we are continuing to review the information.

Although seemingly harmless, the unsanctioned senior prank was poorly thought-out and resulted in many hours of clean-up. We are taking the occurrence and the results very seriously.

Immediately after the incident, administrators contacted the parents of students who were identified as being upset. Events such as this impact people in many different ways and we are truly remorseful and acknowledge the undue stress and anxiety that have been felt by some students, parents and staff.

Holy Trinity staff will be using the incident to educate younger students on the possible impact and results of the irresponsible and poorly-planned event.


Principal Humberto Cacilhas