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School Allergy Alert

A number of students in our school have a condition called anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is a severe life threatening form of allergic reaction. An allergen is a substance capable of causing an allergic reaction. Possible allergic symptoms are many and may rapidly lead to severe permanent injury, coma and/or death. Students who suffer from this condition may go into anaphylactic shock and cease breathing within minutes when they come into contact with even a trace amount of the substance that they are allergic to.

It is vital that we all join together to ensure that our school is a safe, secure place where all students can come and be protected. We presently have students who are allergic to peanuts, nuts, eggs, dairy, shellfish, cantaloupe and latex as well as insect stings from bees, wasps and spiders. It is requested that staff and students do not bring any food items containing these food products.

Traces of the allergens can be transferred to bus seats, desks and personal belongings if anyone comes into contact with the above listed allergen products. To minimize the possibility of this occurring, anyone that comes into contact with the allergen products are encouraged to wash their hands.

Students are reminded that there is no eating or drinking on the bus. This is of extreme importance in consideration of the anaphylactic students that we want to keep safe on the bus.

Thank you for your cooperation and support regarding this matter. We are blessed to be able to count on all of our families to help us create and maintain a safe, secure school environment for all our students.