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School Bus Tracking App

STSBHN, the transportation department which provides bus services to the three school boards of our district, is thrilled to share that a new bus tracking application, which allows parents to track their child(ren)’s school bus, is ready to be rolled out to your school community. STSBHN has been working with the app for a number of months and now feel we can expand its use.

The app is entirely free and is available on systems which run in iOS and Android platforms. The app is called “Chipmunk” and is accessible in both the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store.

To access the app, simply select the school board that your children attend and then log in with the same account that you use to access your child(ren)’s bus details from the transportation portal. Detailed information on how to access, login and use the app are available by visiting the Frequently Asked Questions page STSBHN’s website. A Chipmunk PDF User Guide is also available for download.

Please convey any app issues directly to John Schut. Please include as many details as possible in the email to describe your issues with the app (including screen captures if possible) to best convey the issues to the app developer for correction.