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Secondary Student Extra-Curricular Activities Update - February 7, 2022

After consultation with our public health units, the BHNCDSB is happy to announce the relaxation of some restrictions placed on student activities. In all cases, current COVID protocols and PPE will remain in effect.

Student Sports

  • Low-contact sports (volleyball, badminton, curling, hockey etc.) as school intramural activities or team practices will resume.
  • Please note that the Ministry of Education continues to have a pause on indoor high contact/high intensity sports, and consequently basketball and wrestling will not be permitted to start. We are hopeful that this will change soon and will update you as soon as we know.
  • OPHEA guidelines must be followed for low contact sports and other physical activities.
  • As previously stated, all PPE and COVID protocols remain in effect and must be followed.

Practices will resume this week with the goal of having games resume next week. Schedule changes will be communicated to athletes and families and more information will follow this week with regards to spectators.

Student Clubs and Activities

  • Clubs (Student Council, Environmental club, yearbook committee, photography club, etc.).

Choirs/bands may proceed as long as:

  • Students are masked.
  • Limited participants to allow the required physically distanced measures to be maintained.
  • Occur in large spaces.

As has always been the case, we will continue to provide updates to you as soon as we are able. Please direct all inquiries regarding these matters to the Director’s Office at the BHNCDSB.