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Course Level Descriptions

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  • Emphasis on real-life situations using concrete examples 
  • Students learn by doing 
  • Greater teacher direction 
  • Focus on developing essential skills 
  • For students working at least 2 or more years below grade level 
  • Available in English, Math, and Science 
  • Workplace pathway 


  • Emphasis on practical, hands-on applications and concrete examples 
  • Teacher directed and guided learning activities 
  • Conducting and reporting on research 
  • Achieving levels 1 & 2 in grades 7/8 
  • College/ Apprenticeship/ Workplace pathway 


  • Emphasis on theory and abstract examples and problems 
  • Independent, student initiated, and student directed learning activities 
  • Drawing conclusions and making predictions from research 
  • Achieving levels 3 & 4 in grades 7/8 
  • University/ College/ Apprenticeship/ Workplace pathway 


  • Elective courses chosen based on personal interests and career goals; suitable for all students. 


  • Students who are successful in any academic or applied course in Grade 9 will be able to proceed to either the academic or applied course in grade 10.   
  • Students and parents are encouraged to follow the grade 8 teacher recommendation to help ensure appropriate placement in grade 9. 


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