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Guidance Department


When you start high school, you will be assigned a Guidance Counsellor who will help you plan your courses and career options.  You will be able to book appointments with your counsellor and receive the help you need.

Along with the other staff in the Student Services Department, your guidance counsellor takes care of student registrations, timetable changes, peer tutors, community service hours and so much more. 

Your counsellor is also your point of access for other services that you may need.  These extra supports may include the school social worker, mental health supports, Student Success teachers, the Public Health Nurse, etc.

Get to know your Guidance Counsellor because they cannot wait to get to know you!

Holy Trinity currently has three Guidance counsellors who work tirelessly to ensure our students successfully meet their pathway goals.

Carla Aitken (Dept. Head)

Lenora Burnett
Robbyn DeRoo

*Students are assigned to counsellors alphabetically by last name. 


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