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Social Work Support


As part of Student Support Services, Holy Trinity has a full-time school-based Social Worker. Our Social Worker can meet with the student and provide support, skill-building and counselling which address their main area of concern. Additionally, the caregiver may be contacted to assist in completing questionnaires or screening tools in order to aid with intervention planning for the student.  If the student requires more intensive and/or specialized services, help with the referral process to community services can be provided. 

Students and/or their caregivers are encouraged to speak with their child’s teacher if they have concerns about social, emotional or behavioral needs. At times, the teacher may be the one who reaches out to the caregiver if they have noticed changes or challenges for the student.  Together, the caregiver and teacher can determine if further intervention is needed. From there, the teacher may involve the principal, guidance counsellor or Special Education Resource Teacher (SERT) who, with input from the caregiver and/or student, may make a referral to Student Support Services or recommendations to access supports through the community.   

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