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Student Code of Conduct


The Code of Conduct is the result of consultation with the shareholders of the school including students, faculty, staff, parents, senior administrators and the Board of Trustees. The purpose of the Code is to provide clarity and to assist in providing a safe learning environment.


In accordance with the Education Amendment Act (Progressive Discipline and School Safety), 2007, a principal shall consider suspension or expulsion for a series of activities engaged in by  a student while at school, at a school-related activity, or in any other circumstances where engaging in the activity will have an impact on school climate. Our focus is on changing inappropriate, self-destructive and unsafe conduct within a progressive framework. The following chart lists offences and the accompanying level of consequence.

 The following infractions will result in interventions designed to change the behaviour. The interventions may include a teacher-student conference, teacher-parent contact, involvement of a vice principal, counselling and study hall. If the behaviour is not changed after reasonable interventions, a suspension will be imposed. The details of each category are listed on the pages provided.

The infractions for which progressive steps will be taken include:

  • Truancy
  • Lates
  • Uniform violations
  • Inappropriate use of cell phones and technology
  • Disruptive classroom behaviour
  • Inappropriate conduct in the halls or on the school grounds
  • Misuse of parking privileges
  • Academic Dishonesty
  • Misuse of lockers 

Some offences are more serious and will result in a suspension for a first offence. Subsequent suspensions will increase in length and may lead to expulsion. The infractions for which a SUSPENSION may be imposed include:

  • Uttering a threat to inflict serious bodily harm on another student.
  • Possessing alcohol, illegal and/or restricted drugs.
  • Being under the influence of alcohol or restricted drugs.
  • Swearing at a teacher or at another person in a position of authority
  • Committing an act of vandalism that causes extensive damage to school property at the school or to property located on the premises of the student’s school
  • Bullying
  • Any act considered by the principal to be injurious to the moral tone of the school
  • Any act considered by the principal to be injurious to the physical or mental well-being of member of the school community (including fighting)
  • Any act considered by the principal to be contrary to the Board or school Code of Conduct, including:Failing to report to the office when instructed to do so by a teacher, Unsafe driving on school grounds, Smoking on School Property

The infractions for which a principal may consider recommending to the Board that a pupil be EXPELLED from the pupil’s school or from all schools of the Board include:

  • Possessing a weapon, including possessing a firearm
  • Using a weapon to cause or to threaten bodily harm to another person
  • Committing physical assault on another person that causes bodily harm requiring treatment by a medical practitioner
  • Committing sexual assault
  • Trafficking in weapons, illegal or restricted drugs
  • Committing robbery
  • Giving alcohol to a minor
  • Any act considered by the principal to be significantly injurious to the moral tone of the school and/or to the physical or mental well-being of others
  • A pattern of behaviour that is so inappropriate that the pupil’s continued presence is injurious to the effective learning and/or working environment of others
  • Activities engaged in by the pupil on or off school property that cause the pupil’s continuing presence in the school to create an unacceptable risk to the physical or mental well-being of other person(s) in the school or board
  • Activities engaged in by the pupil on or off school property that have caused extensive damage to the property of the board or to goods that are/were on board property
  • The pupil has demonstrated through a pattern of behaviour that s/he is persistently resistant to making changes in behaviour which would enable him or her to prosper or
  • Any act considered by the principal to be a serious violation of the Board or school code of conduct