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Titan Treasure Calendar

Titan Treasure Calendar

The Titan Treasure Calendars draws are now taking place. All funds raised will go towards supporting HT extracurricular activities.

Winners of the prizes from the Titan Treasure Calendar are drawn live on morning announcements on each Friday for the week. Please check back to this page during the month of May to see if you have won.

May 1st- Mary Burnie, ticket #559

May 2nd – Vera Vilez, ticket #405

May 3rd – Chrissy’s Catering, ticket #374

May 6th – Cindy Mauthe – ticket #205

May 7th - Nancy Sherman – ticket #272

May 8th – Susan Flanagan – ticket #347

May 9th – Christine Deconinck O’Neail – ticket #566

May 10th – Mariette Lauriault – ticket #572

May 13th – Erika Brown, ticket #120

May 14th – Jaden Banfield, ticket #630

May 15th – Shelly Haum, ticket #172

May 16th – Holly Kruk, ticket #362

May 17th – Carolyn Hurnacki, ticket #151

May 20th – Bailey Greenway, ticket #558

May 21st- Nora Rassenberg, ticket #635

May 22nd – Gracelynn Jensen, ticket #245

May 23rd - Janice VanDenHeede, ticket #204

May 24th - Barbara Murphy, ticket #377

May 27th – Tammy Lynne Boehler, ticket #020

May 28th – Sarah Morris, ticket #076

May 29th – Lisa Cunliffe, ticket #123

May 30th – Rob Haak, ticket #325

May 31st – Jerry Vink, ticket #549


Titan Treasure Calendar

Thank you to all of the donors that provided prizes for our Titan Treasure Calendar.
Thank you for your support of Holy Trinity!