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Important Websites

Online tools and resources suggested by Holy Trinity Guidance

Log on to MY BLUEPRINT for many valuable resources for course planning and post-secondary research - Math Help (Gr 7-10)

College Pathway – Ontario college programs – transfer agreements b/w college & university programs - updated college info

** We strongly encourage campus visits

Career Planning Tools

My Blueprint – log in and complete online surveys –online quiz for ideas online quiz – STUDENTS Tab

Skilled Trades/Apprenticeship Pathway - trades descriptions ​  - list of all trades, and quick check on job outlook and wages ​ – Ontario Youth Apprenticeship - video interviews - video interviews ​ –Username: BRANTJPD; Pswd: BHNCDSB)

** We strongly encourage a high school COOP experience

Labour Market Info  

University Pathway – undergrad degree programs  - undergrad degree programs - undergrad course calendars – Collaborative Programs (college diploma & university degree) – research graduate programs

** We strongly encourage campus visits

Workplace Pathway   Postings for private & public sector jobs; links to many job search engines

Employment Center – job listings, resume assistance, etc. - 5 Queensway Drive East, Simcoe; 519.428.1135 x230

** We strongly encourage COOP experience

Holy Trinity Catholic High School 

GUIDANCE TAB - Post-Secondary destinations; Course calendar; Community support links; Online registration instructions; Diploma (OSSD) requirements; Grade 8 – 9 Transition and MORE!

STUDENT LIFE - Teams & Clubs; HTV; School letter & Titan Award information; Financing your education; Newsletters; Exam schedule; Uniform supplier; Transportation and MORE!


Click here for a list of the above websites.